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Jadranka Jezeršek Turnes  graduated from London Metropolitan University and obtained an MBA degree within the Ogilvy global advertising network.  She has been involved in marketing and communication throughout my professional career. Her professional focus in recent years has been communication management in scientific and innovative environments. After setting up the innovation office in USA – on behalf of Center of Excellence on Polymers and Polymer Technologies CE PoliMaT she has been intensively engaged in projects which embrace scientific engagement and science communication. She was part of many interesting projects: organization of International Conference on Science and Technology at Harvard JFK University and organization of Biopolymer Workshop in Kenya with international group of experts. The Workshop focused on current advancements in biopolymer research and their implications for industry, public policy and international science and technology cooperation as well as exploring their relevance to addressing the global challenges in Kenya. The scientific network helped her to transfer the knowledge into Slovenian environment, so she initiated capacity building workshops with The Guardian newspaper, a BBC Radio 4 science editor, the science columnist of the New York Times, and professor and Pulitzer Prize winner Deb Blum, PhD, from MIT Knight Science Journalism Program. All workshops were intended to empower journalists covering science, since there is no systematic learning process in Slovenia for all journalists covering science. Since 2013 she does training workshops for scientists and participates at  the International marketing forum of science and research institutions  in Warsaw, Lukasiewcz Institute. She was involved in some inspiring projects, like RRI – Tools and now she is excited to start Super Morri project as a country contact point.

Workshop 1
15 September 2021
Title: Effective Science Engagement and Media