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Time Zone – CEST (Central European Summer Time)

Pre-conference day

15 September 2021





Peter Kraker & Michela Vignoli, Open Knowledge Maps, AT: Custom visual discovery for library systems (Cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances)

Day 1

16 September 2021


Welcome speech by Assoc Prof Jadranka Stojanovski (PUBMET2021 Programme Committee Chair) and Prof Vladimir Mrša (President of CROASC and Organizing Committee member)
IN MEMORIAM – Miroslav Milinović, M.Sc.
Welcome speech by Assoc Prof Marijana Tomić, Chair of the Department of Information Sciences, University of Zadar
Welcome speech by Prof  Zvjezdan Penezić, Vice Rector for Scientific Affairs and Information Infrastructure, University of Zadar
Welcome speech by the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia representative

9:45-11:45       Session 1

Moderator: Iva Grabarić Andonovski, Univ Zagreb, HR
Speaker: Gunnar Sivertsen, NIFU, NOOpen Access is already here – with outcomes as expected?
Panellists:  Janne Pölönen, TSV, FI , Johan Rooryck, cOAlition S, NL, Jadranka Stojanovski, RBI- Univ Zadar, HR – , Tanja Strøm, OsloMet, NO –

Speaker: Erol Gelenbe, PAN, PL Towards the European University of the Future

11:55-13:20       Session 2

Moderator: Iva Melinščak Zlodi, Univ Zagreb, HR
Speaker: Maciej Maryl , Institute of Literary Research, PLForm and access – two pathways of innovation in SSH scholarly communication
Speaker: Marta Błaszczyńska, Institute for Literary Studies, PL“Catching the original intent of scholarly communication”: transformation of audiences, power structures, and prestige
Speaker: Erzsébet Tóth-Czifra , DARIAH-EUCredit where credit is due: challenges and innovations in peer review in Social Sciences and Humanities

Lunch break
14:00-14:10        Sponsor

Klementyna Karlińska-Batres, ClarivateAccelerating innovation in life sciences – supporting your success from ideation to outcome

14:10-14:15        Sponsor

Julia Kersebaum, Karger – Karger Publishers’ Road to Open –

14:20-15:30       Session 3
15:40-17:30       Session 4

Moderator: Vladimir Mrša, Univ Zagreb, HR & Ivana Hebrang Grgić, Univ Zagreb, HR
Speaker: Mario Malički, Stanford, USAHow do manuscripts change and what does that tell us of peer review?
Charlotte Wien, SDU, DKDeveloping and following viable research strategies locally 

Panellists: Monika Góral-Kurbiel, NCN, PL, Kristian Vlahoviček, Univ Zagreb, HR, Nevena Škrbić Alempijević, Univ Zagreb, HR, Bertil F. Dorch, Univ South Den, DK, Jadranka Stojanovski, RBI- Univ Zadar, HR

Day 2

17 September 2021

10:00-11:35       Session 5

Moderators: Lea Škorić, Univ Zagreb, HR & Miro Pušnik, Univ Ljubljana, SLO
Speaker: Vedran Katavić, Univ Zagreb, HRTrust in science – (maybe not) hard to earn, but difficult to maintain (for some)

Panellists: Zarja Muršič, Univ Ljubljana, SLO, Jana Javornik, Univ Leeds, UK, Gregor Majdič, Univ Ljubljana, SLO, Jana Kolar, CERIC-ERIC

11:45-13:00       Session 6

(In)equalities in scholarly communication

Moderator: Jadranka Stojanovski, Univ Zadar/RBI, HR
Speaker: Lai Ma, Univ Coll Dublin

Panellists: Cassandra Gould Van Praag, Univ Oxford, UK, Alesia Zuccala, Univ Copenhagen, DK, Andrea Reyes Elizondo, Leiden Univ, NL

Lunch break
13:40-13:50        Sponsor

Krzysztof Szymański, Elsevier – Open research data – how to make it work –

14:00-16:00       Session 7

Moderator: Lovorka Čaja, RBI, HR
Speaker: Alexandra Freeman, Univ Camb, UK – Trust and trustworthiness: communication in an age of Covid

Panellists: Saša Ceci, RBI, HR, Kristina Feldvari, Univ Osijek, HR, Tea Vukušić Rukavina, Univ Zagreb, HR, Ana Dasović, 24 sata – , HR, Vladimira Šimić, Cyrano, HR –



Conference closure