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Kristina Feldvari, PhD is an assistant professor at the Department of Information Sciences, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Osijek, Croatia. In 2008 she obtained the Master’s degree and in 2014 a PhD in Information Sciences from University of Zadar. Her areas of interest are, among other things, organisation of information, information retrieval, information behaviour and information seeking, subject indexing, and information literacy. 

She is actively involved in the activities of the Department of Information Sciences, organizes conferences, publishes papers and participates in domestic and international conferences (ECIL, HCI, LIDA, INFuture, Valis Aurea etc.). She was a member of the program and organizing committee for organizing the European Summer School on Information Science in Osijek (2019; 2021). In 2020, her Department of Information Sciences in Osijek got a two-year Erasmus + project Digital Education for Crisis Situations: Times when there is no alternative (DECriS) in which she is actively involved.

Session 7Scholarly communication in times of COVID-19
17 September 2021