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PubMetRun 2021 – virtual race

All the participants of PubMet2021 are invited to take part in our virtual race – PubMetRun! The race is virtual. You have to run or walk 5K (5 km or 3.1 miles) and then send us a link to your workout in any application (Strava, Garmin, Endomondo, Polar, etc) or you can send a screenshot of your activity. You are also encouraged to send a photo or video of your run.

The competing categories are:

  • The fastest PubMetRunner (the runner with the best time for the 5K run)
  • The funniest photo/video (as decided by PubMet program committee)

You can run any time between 15 and 18 September and send us your link (or screenshot of your activity), photos and videos at
The first price for both categories is free participation at PubMet2022. See you in Zadar next year!

Last year’s PubMet Run winner is – Iryna Kuchma!
We won’t share the results, but if you like statistics, numbers of participants in PubMet Runs in the last three years were as follows:
PubMet Run 2018 (unofficial training) – 3
Pubmet Run 2019 (unofficial training) – 4
PubMet Run 2020 (virtual race) – 5

As you can see, the number is increasing rapidly. This year we expect at least 6 runners! 🙂

Iryna was the only runner except from the organization board members. She has won the prize – free participation at PubMet 2022 in Zadar.

We are looking forward to running with you!