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PubmetRUN results

Thank you all for participating! We know it’s hard to make yourself go run alone and that is why this has been great success. For you and for us!!

Nine runners sent their workouts and from that we decided to award two who had the best result or the funniest picture.
They are:

Ana Đorđević

Iva Vrkić

Ana & Iva won free participation for PubMet2022. See you in Zadar next year!

[lucky note] Iryna Kuchma was the best runner on the PUBMET2020 run and also won free participation for PubMet 2022 in Zadar.

Pubmet2021 run all results:

1. Ana Đorđević (best result)

2. Iva Vrkić (funniest picture)

3. Ivana Hebrang Grgić (Organizing committee – out of competition)

4. Jelena Viličić (Organizing committee – out of competition)

5. Romana Jadrijević

6. Ivana Kukić

7. Alen Vodopijevec (Organizing committee – out of competition)

8. Lovorka Čaja (Organizing committee – out of competition)

9. Mirena Čalmić

Ivana Hebrang Grgić

Ivana Kukić

Jelena Viličić

Lovorka Čaja

Mirena Ćalmić

Romana Jadrijević Lozančić

Alen Vodopijevec