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Creative and innovative approaches to publishing

16 September 2021
Session 2

In the session we aim to explore current writing practices in social sciences and humanities (SSH) and the innovations and challenges in quality assessment of SSH research. We present the main findings of the recently concluded OPERAS-P (Open Scholarly Communication in the European Research Area for Social Sciences and Humanities – Preparation) project in these areas.

We focus on the current writing practices in SSH and the researchers’ needs regarding the publishing technologies and both ongoing and upcoming transformations of the scholarly communication. The aim is to present the lessons learnt through discussion of innovative case studies and highlights of interviews with different stakeholders.

In the context of quality assessment we explore how the notion of excellence and other peer review proxies are constructed and (re)negotiated in everyday practices across the SSH disciplines; who is involved in the processes and who remains outside; what are the boundaries of peer review in terms of inclusiveness with content types; and how the processes are aligned or misaligned to research realities.



Iva Meliščak Zlodi