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Effective Science Engagement and Media 

15 September 2021
Workshop 1

For a journalist, science is a very specific topic compared to the day-to-day coverage of events related to economy and culture. To cover science, a journalist must dedicate more time to preparation and research effectively the sources and references, so as to present a complex story to a lay public. When reporting on scientific topics journalists come across many obstacles but they can get round them by applying the right method, for instance: know how to check the sources and references and what to consider; know which issues to expose to avoid proclaiming something a scientific discovery too early; have a good understanding of the work of research institutions as well as the substance and importance of intellectual property in science; be able to conduct a conversation with scientists and correctly interpret them; create one’s own network of scientists for long-term co-operation. It is important for science journalists to follow digital sources and to join the community of world journalists reporting about science. Moreover, they should learn this from the best in their profession. In my presentation I will focus on chosen case study that had a clear goal on how to realize media engagement in practise and delivered excellent results.